Our Mindful Story

Denise Watson, the creator of Mindful Eating Tableware, has worked in the health care industry for over 30 years. Her focus has always been to help optimize the health of her clients.

Since 2010, she has worked with clients specifically on weight loss and emotional eating. About this same time, she began teaching yoga and was introduced to the teachings of the Buddhist philosophy. One of the Buddhist practices is mindfulness, which is described as “the path to spiritual awakening”.

When she began using mindfulness and mindful eating with her weight loss clients, they became aware of what was behind their unwanted behaviors with food as well as unwanted behaviors in their daily lives. This practice, along with Denise’s coaching, allowed clients to overcome their disempowering, self sabotaging, limiting beliefs that were keeping them from achieving their goals.

Clients also came to realize that losing weight wasn’t actually their biggest goal. They only thought that it was going to bring them what they really wanted: freedom from judgment, love and approval, self worth and self acceptance. Mindfulness allowed them to see that losing weight was less of a physical journey and more of an emotional/spiritual journey instead.

Denise created the Mindful Eating Tableware plates with visual reminders in order to disrupt the client’s unconscious emotional and habitual eating. This pause allowed clients to mindfully choose their behavior instead of continuing to react unconsciously. As clients used mindfulness with food more frequently, they also noticed that they were practicing mindfulness during their daily lives as well. This practice created more peace and contentment in their work and family relationships.

Denise is hoping to spread the use of mindfulness and mindful eating in order to continue helping more people develop a peaceful relationship with food and to improve their health and overall happiness. She is so very grateful for this opportunity to help optimize not only physical health, but the emotional and spiritual health of those who use the Mindful Eating Tableware plates as well.